Edenilson Durães

Nexialist consultant and mentor, speaker, accounting entrepreneur, and a prominent figure in social responsibility in the North region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Certified LICI (Intelligent Leaders for Intelligent Cities) leader by the Smart Citizen Institute.

He has received the following honors, among others:

Edenilson Durães

Nexialist consultant and mentor, speaker, accounting entrepreneur, and a prominent figure in social responsibility in the North region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Certified LICI (Intelligent Leaders for Intelligent Cities) leader by the Smart Citizen Institute.

He has received the following honors, among others:

  • Outstanding Figure of the North of Minas | Jornal de Noticias, Montes Claros City
  • Regional Talent | Jornal Folha das Gerais, Salinas City
  • People & Ideas | Jornal O Norte, Montes Claros City
  • Luiz de Paula Ferreira Awards | Rotary Club of Montes Claros Liberdade


Strengthening Values to Achieve Success

  • Success doesn't happen by chance; it's the result of values-based actions
  • Learn essential values for professional and organizational success

Social Responsibility as a Key to Business Success

  • Regardless of size or industry, every company can and should practice social responsibility
  • Discover how social responsibility can improve your company's results

Ctizenship and Territorial Development

  • Territory development results from the synergistic action of various agents, in cooperation with the government
  • Understand the roles of citizens and organizations in promoting integrated and sustainable development

Accounting Knowledge and Safe Business Development

  • Understand the managerial function of accounting and the wealth production perspective in the patrimonial dynamics
  • Learn the importance of indicators for decision-making leading to business success

Some Clients:

Some clients: Infraero, IFNMG, CRCMG, OAB, CEMIG, ACI, CDL, SEBRAE, Mary Kay, Baanko, Fundação Estudar

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Talent is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

Thomas Edison

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"Primary Needs and Motivators: ... contacts with people and varied knowledge..."

"Words that best describe Edenilson’s attitudes: Takes risks, demanding, captivating, eloquent, delegates, optimistic, persuasive, active, restlessness, undertakes, original, improvises, uninhibited, independent..."

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What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean

Isaac Newton


Control Engineering
Postgraduate Studies
UNIMONTES (State University of Montes Claros)

Business Management with Emphasis on Marketing
Posgraduate Studies Courses
UNIMONTES (State University of Montes Claros)

Accounting Sciences
Bachelor's Degree
UNIMONTES (State University of Montes Claros)

Electrical Engineering
Technical Course
FEMC (Educational Foundation of Montes Claros)

Short Courses
Participation in over a hundred courses and seminars in accounting, labor, tax, costs, information systems, total quality, strategic management, communication, experiential learning cycle, motivation, creativity, engineering, among others.

Pleasure perfects activity


Professional Experience

Ággape Business Solutions | Since 2004

Founder and chief executive of one of the most respected accounting, business consulting, and training companies in the North region of Minas Gerais (aggape.com.br). Creator of the Accounting Workplace concept, AMS - Activity Management System methodology, RAIO - Ággape Organizational Intelligence Network, and the Development Support Network - RedeAD.

Courses and lectures in financial, behavioral, and entrepreneurial areas. Trainer with international certification in the Persolog® (DISC) personal model.

Preparation of diagnostics, interventions, and problem-solving in the areas of strategic management, finance, processes, and marketing.

Work in the Civil, Family and Succession, Public Treasury, Public Records, Bankruptcy, and Concordance Courts of Montes Claros.

Santo Agostinho Colleges | 2014-2017

Taught the discipline of Control Engineering for MBA classes in Financial Management and Control.

UNIMONTES (State University of Montes Claros) | 2003-2014

Taught courses in Accounting, Administration, and information Systems. Was a thesis and internship advisor.

Head of the Accounting Department in Montes Claros, Coordinator of the Micro entrepreneurship and Citizenship University Extension Project, and Coordinator of the Salinas Campus, where he was responsible for implementing the accounting course, rated by ENADE 2009 (MEC) as the second best course among public institutions in Minas Gerais and the eighth in Brazil.

SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) | 2004-2012

Services provided to over 40 municipalities in the North and Northwest regions of Minas and Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys in the regulation and implementation of the Municipal General Law for Micro and Small Businesses.

Courses, Group Services, Managerial Lectures, and Consulting in all macro-regions of the Stare in the areas of entrepreneurship, market, finances, and quality management.

CEMIG (Energy Company of Minas Gerais) | 1986-2001

  • Activities in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance in the areas of energy generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Work in engineering and total quality seminars. Leader of the 1st CCQ (Quality Control Circle) group of the company, participating in the
  • corporate launch with 25 presentations in various cities in Minas Gerais. Participation in the International Seminar on Construction and maintenance of Electric Power Distribution and Sub transmission Systems in Florianopolis- SC, as a presenter of technical work related to optimizing the maintenance management system in substations using SAP-R/3 software.
  • Firefighting Brigadier.
  • CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Commission) Member.
  • Training in the apprenticeship service of the CEMIG/SENAI (National Industrial Training Service) program.
  • Facilitator of the ASIN (Integrated Social Actions) program.
  • Coordination of the implementation of the PM module of the SAP-R/3 integrated management system in the northern region of Minas.
  • Participation in various working groups, including Strategic Management and Quality of Life and Work Program, in the North Technical
  • Support Sector, Transformation and Maneuver, Protection and Control, and PM Module - SAP-R/3 of the Distribution and Operation Directorates.
  • Director of SINDIELETRO - Minas Gerais Electricity Workers Union.

  • Craftsman;
  • Assistant in Pottery.
  • Clerck in clothing, haberdashery, and notions stores.
  • Assistant in a Law Office.
  • Entrepreneur in bakery, electrical material, and fire extinguisher businesses.

Doing good feels good, regardless of recognition. Solidarity does not accommodate personal vanities.

Ana Stoppa

Honors and Awards

Luiz de Paula Ferreira Award | 2019
Rotary Club of Montes Claros Liberdade

Honored Professor | 2009, 2011, 2013
UNIMONTES (State University of Montes Claros) Accounting Graduates

People & Ideas | 2013
Jornal O Norte (Montes Claros City)

Regional Talent | 2010
Jornal Folha das Gerais (Salinas City)

Outstanding Figure of the North of Minas | 2008
Jornal de Notícias (Montes Claros City)

1st Place - I Engineering Seminar | 1999
CEMIG North Regional Distribution Superintendence

3rd Place - III Internal QTC Seminar | 1999
Transmission Department North - CEMIG

There is nothing better than sharing our knowledge, our love.

Gabriel Chalita

Volunteer Work

Current Roles

  • Board Member of CRCMG - Regional Accounting Council of Minas Gerais, member of the Supervision, Ethics, and Discipline Chamber, and the Committees for Institutional Relations with Public Entities and Integration of Accounting Entities
  • President of ED Institute - Institute of Education for Sustainable Development (ed.org.br)
  • Coordinator of Coletivo SCO - Organized Civil Society in Montes Claros (montesclaros.org.br)
  • Regional Development Director of ADENOR - Northen Minas Gerais Development Agency
  • Director of ACI - Montes Claros Commercial, Industrial, and Service Association
  • Fiscal Advisor of Montes Claros and Region Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Trustee of UNIMONTES - State University of Montes Claros Board of Trustees
  • Member of Working Group 3 of the Minas 2032 Movement and Coordinator of the FIA - Fund for the Elderly Thematic Chamber
  • Member of the North Valley Innovation Ecosystem

Previous Roles

  • President and Vice President of CMDCA - Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents
  • Vice-President of CODEMC - Montes Claros Sustainable Development Council
  • Director of Volunteering Network (redevoluntariado.org)
  • Fiscal Advisor of ADENOR - Northern Minas Gerais Development Agency
  • Fiscal Advisor of FADENOR - Foundation for Support to Higher Education Development
  • Member of CONDECON - Municipal Consumer Defense Council
  • Fiscal Advisor of the Sara Albuquerque Costa Foundation
  • Fiscal Advisor of the Association Presente in Support of Patients with Cancer
  • Member of Rotary Club Montes Claros Union
  • Vice President for Accounting and Legal Affairs, 1st Treasurer, and Fiscal Advisor of ACI - Montes Claros Commercial, Industrial, and Service Association
  • Member of the Municipal Taxpayers Council
  • Member of the Inspection, Ethics and Discipline Chamber, coordinator of the Technical Integration Study Group and member of the Accounting Entities Integration Committee at CRCMG (Minas Gerais Regional Accounting Council)
  • Delegate of CRCMG (Minas Gerais Regional Accounting Council) in the Montes Claros region
  • Member of the Social Security Council of the INSS Executive Management
  • BAB (Business Advisory Board) of the ENACTUS/IFNMG team - Federal Institute of Northern Minas Gerais
  • Councilor of the Engineers without Borders Nucleus in Montes Claros
  • Mentor at entrepreneurship, innovation, and social and environmental responsibility events, such as Baanko Challenge, Startup Weekend and StartupON